Employee Retention Credit


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Employee Retention Credit

IRS Notice 2021-49, released in August 2021, clarified that the deduction for qualified wages is reduced for the tax year in which the wages were paid or incurred if an employer receives an ERC.

  • 2020 ERC Claim: Your company should amend its 2020 federal income tax return or, if applicable, submit an administrative adjustment request (AAR) to reflect the wage deduction correctly.
  • 2021 ERC Claim: If your company has not yet filed its 2021 federal income tax return, it may adjust the wage deduction on its original return. If the 2021 return has already been filed, you may submit a superseded return until the extended due date to adjust. For any other situation, you should file an amended 2021 tax return (or AAR, as necessary) to adjust the wage deduction.
Apply For ERC

“The first step is to book a free consultation with us. The second step involves retrieving the required documents. Once you’re ready to proceed with the ERC filing, we’ll send you all the necessary documents to grant us the power of attorney. This will enable us to represent you and track your refund status while amending the tax forms 941 for the past years 2020 and 2021.”

Deadline For ERTC | Don't Miss Out The Deadline For Tax Relief

For ERC filing, you will typically need your payroll tax forms, payroll employee summary reports, PPP forgiveness applications, and quarterly sales summaries from 2019 to 2021.

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